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Why Neolith? Neolith is a high performance revolutionary surface that is made of raw natural materials. It is eco-friendly and totally biodegradable.  Neolith is regarded as one of the most durable countertop materials of choice used in commercial and residential kitchen designs. It is hygienic, warm to the touch and nealy indestructible. The hard surface of Neolith is not porous and is completely stain resistant.

Neolith is scratch and temperature resistant, making it an ideal choice for expansive stratches of worktops, integrated sinks and covered upstands. For a minimalistic look, Neolith can be used as both a countertop and sink material. It is available in diffrent thicknesses for application on cupboard walls, paneling and flooring.

It is available in a large range of beautiful colours. Some types of Neolith are convincing copies of natural marble, with similar veining.

Get the kitchen you always wanted with Neolith!

Neolith Colors

Zaha stone silk

Pulpis silk

Pietra di piombo silk

Pietra di luna dove silk

Perla light grey matt satin

Nero marquina polished

Neolith mont blanc

Iron frost satin

Iron corten satin

Iron copper satin

Estatuario e01

Cement satin

Calacatta grey silk

Calacatta c01r

Boheme b01

Arctic white satin

Beton silk


Upgade your kitchen with a beautiful and elegant granite worktop. We only stock exotic granite in rich colours and stricking patters. If you prefer an earthy organic look, our granite countertop is an ideal choice for your kitchen.

As with all natural stones, like granite colours and stock is limited.

Send us your enquiry before ordering to check what is available in stock.


Turn your kitchen into a luxury space with beautiful marble worktop.

Who doesn't love the stricking colours, beautiful vaining and cross cut swirls of the exotic marble slabs.

Sealed for durability, our marble is a guaranteed calling card for luxury.

Send us your enquiry before ordering to check what is available in stock.

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