Comfort guide – what’s the right choice for me?
When choosing a sofa, you instinctively go for those that catch your eye, or what you imagine will go best with your existing décor. However, you also want to feel comfortable! We offer a wide range of seat interiors to choose from, so with us, you can have it all – a beautiful sofa and comfort that is tailored to your exact, personal requirements. Talk about having your cake and eating it!



Our standard density foam is the most popular choice for those that prefer a firmer, more supportive seat. In addition, foam provides a slightly springier sit compared to other interiors. Providing slimmer, less plush seats, foam naturally takes on a smarter, more elegant appearance, especially when compared to softer and more sumptuous counterparts. This elegance lends itself well to more contemporary and modern styles, in particular corner sofas or those with straight lines. Foam seats hold their shape very well and as such, we consider them fairly low maintenance. However, flipping and turning them intermittently will ensure they are kept in the best condition possible.

Foam Fibre Wrap

Our most popular interior, these are a great alternative to foam, providing a plumper cushion that will hold its shape amazingly well for years to come. The cushions are made up of medium density foam core that springs effortlessly back into shape, enhanced by a layer of soft fibre, giving it a rounded and more relaxed appearance, while at the same time providing superior comfort. Not only does the plush fibre enrich comfort levels, but it also prevent the inner foam core from flattening. This means that there are no extensive maintenance routines required other than the odd bit of plumping along with a little turning every now and again, both of which help to extend the cushions lifespan. The foam wrap fibre cushions are medium soft and are best suited to more traditional or contemporary sofas and are especially great for corner, sectional and leather sofas.

Hollow Fibre

Hollow fibre is the most luxurious type of man made fibre on the market today. The cushions are soft so you can sink deeply into the sofa, and way off into the realms of relaxation. A great alternative to feathers, hollow fibre cushions are more resistant to compression than feather cushions. They include a mechanical crimp which provides excellent loft and resilience, and ensures that cushions hold their shape well. Taking care of hollow fibre is relatively straightforward. They need some occasional, vigorous plumping, just to fluff up the cushion when it starts to flatten slightly. Their softer, fluffier appearance makes them best suited to more laid-back stylesand are perfect for the shabby chic vibe as well as more casual leather sofas.

Foam Feather Wrap

If you long for a touch of luxury and imagine yourself sinking into a yielding, squishy sofa, but also realise that you require a little support, then foam feather wrap seats are just what you are looking for. The springly, supportive interior foam gives structure to the cushion, allowing it to retain its shape, while at the same time, the soft feathers offer satisfying opulence and optimal comfort. Maintenance is very low, especially for two seater sofas with smaller cushions, although daily plumping is essential to ensure that the outer layer remains soft and full. Foam wrap feather seats are perfect for those that like the supportive feeling of sitting on top of a cushion, but also love the sensation of sinking deep into their sofa. They are ideally suited to those that enjoy the luxurious feel of feathers, but aren't so keen on how flat they can look at the end of the day. They are a flexible option and are featured over a wide range of designs, including corner sofas.

Feather Fibre Mix

As the name would suggest, these cushions are a combination of the two. The majority of the filling is feather, along with some fibre to pad out the cushion, which affords it a fuller appearance. These cushions are the softest you will find on a coilspring base and have the feel you would expect from feather cushions with one distinct advantage: they hold shape better. They are incredibly soft and squidgy and sitting on them is reminiscent of being on top of a folded duvet. These cushions first allow you to sink deeply into their snuggly depths and them mould to your shape like only feather interior can. Compared to other choices, the cushions require more effort to maintain in good shape. Taking time out for a spot of daily plumping and regular turning will not only maintain their shape and full appearance, but will ensure they last for years to come. Scrimping on the love will soon result in less than comfortable, flattened cushions. Due to the fact that cushions look their neatest when just plumped, along with their general squishiness, means that these are best suited to a more relaxed, laid-back look, such as fabric sofas, linen sofas and deep coil sprung sofas.