Our collection of luxurious fabrics was born out of collaboration with creative interior designers and leading fabric suppliers such as Designers Guild, Romo, Linwood and others.

By embracing the priceless knowledge of the fabric experts we were able to hand-pick the most exquisite and desirable styles to help you create your own masterpiece.

Enjoy a collection of comfortable neutrals, bold accents with sensational depth of colour, inviting textures, stunning two tone wovens and luxurious jewel velvets.

Linara Collection

The Linara range is the finest heavy duty cotton-linen blend with a simple basket-weave structure and exceptionally soft peach-skin finish. Available in a collection of deep and beautiful colours it is perfect for mixing and matching. This fabric is ideal for casual interiors and makes an inviting, comfortable sofa to sink into and enjoy.

Collection: Linara
Fabric type: plain cotton- linen
Composition: 63% cotton, 37% linen
Rub test: 36000 heavy duty
After care: P, S
Price band: B

Dalton Collection

The Dalton fabric range is a striking intricately woven herringbone check with an artfully coloured ombré twist to its neutral background. It has a smart and sleek appearance with a satisfying textured finish and makes a divine looking sumptuously comfortable piece.

Collection: Dalton
Fabric type: woven herringbone check
Composition: 31% viscose, 27% cotton, 12% linen, 12% wool, 5% polyester
Rub test: 30000
After care: P, S
Price band: B

Corin Collection

Corin is an intricately woven fabric with a pleasing hand-embroidered effect in its small-scale simple geometric design. Interspersed with bright splashes of colour and on neutral background it has a striking appearance creating a focal point in any room plus the material has a soft, warm handle.

Collection: Corin
Fabric type: small scale weave
Composition: 45% viscose, 35% cotton, 16% linen, 4% polyester
Rub test: 30000
After care: P, S
Price band: A

Quinton Collection

The Quinton fabric is one of our finest heavy textured fabrics with a captivating wave of artfully mixed yarns giving the illusion of added dimension and depth. The spectacular colours of this fabric have incredible variations of tone with an underlying subtle metallic effect of blended mixed fibres.

Collection: Quinton
Fabric type: Textured weave
Composition: 39% cotton,20% viscose, 16% wool, 15% pc, 10% polyester
Rub test: 40000
After care: P, S
Price band: A

Iona Collection

Iona fabric is striking two-tone textured chenille woven with a plain diagonal thread that has a subtle glazed finish and a soft horizontal velvety yarn. The result is a spectacular blend of beautiful colours. This material makes a sublime looking sumptuously comfortable piece.

Lamont Collection

The gorgeous Lamont fabric is exciting intricately constructed viscous chenille combined with wondrous space-dyed yarn which creates subtle tonal movement. It gives a fabulously chic finish to a sofa adding an exquisite eye-catching showpiece to any room.

Omega Collection

The Omega range is elegant yet hard wearing Italian velvet which is vibrantly coloured and comes with a special protective stain-repellent finish. The fabric boasts a magnificent depth of colour with silky matt finish and combined with unrivalled softness it is a luxurious yet practical choice guaranteed to invite no end of compliments.

Modena Collection

You’ll agree Modena is luxurious, richly textured crushed velvet which comes in a palette of versatile pearly neutrals boasting a reflective mottled finish. Ideal to co-ordinate with any décor scheme, this inviting fabric is exceptionally hardwearing with a sumptuously soft handle oozing casual sophistication.

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