Dandy sofa

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For those seeking something stylish with inviting comfort our Dandy sofa will tick every box. This grand yet informal sofa provides plentiful seating and has been constructed to sit lower down on the floor making it the perfect choice for a family room, the TV room or playroom. The Dandy has cocooning lower back cushion and boasts luxuriously padded sprung base with plush fibre wrapped foam seats and marvellously soft pillow-shape arm rests. Not only that, the scatter cushions give added upper back support so you can enjoy the pleasure of sinking into their enveloping contours. Bringing you both phenomenal comfort and great visual impact no one can fail to be thrilled with its pleasing bold shape, and stylish modern, modular design with unimposing curves and strong horizontal elements. The look of this sofa is very easy to maintain so no one will even notice that you have been taking a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of home-life.

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Dandy 5 seater

H79cm x W320cm x D104cm

Dandy 4 seater

H79cm x W250cm x D104cm

Dandy 3 seater

H79cm x W220cm x D104cm

Dandy 2.5 seater

H79cm x W190cm xD104cm

Dandy 2 seater

H79cm x W160cm x D104cm

Dandy snuggler

H79cm x W130cm x D104cm

Dandy chair

H79cm x W90cm x D104cm

Dandy large footstool

W100cm x D100cm

Dandy small footstool

W60cm x D50cm

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