The Corner Sofa: An Unsung Hero of Home Décor

Let’s take a look at the top five most important things to consider when looking into getting a corner sofa to spruce up your living space.


Measure Twice, Buy Once

Whether you have an enormous living room or one that’s a bit right; figuring out what size, style, and type of corner sofa to get is just as important as the functionality of the furniture piece itself.
Making sure you are getting the proper size sofa for your space available will go a long way in ensuring you are comfortable, clutter-free and utilizing your space to it’s most efficient and effective way.
Look at your space, imagine where you want your sofa to sit. Picture it, even draw up a mock floor plan sample on a piece of paper to imagine your set-up.
Once you have it all planned out, break out your tape measure and get to work measuring how long, wide, and general depth of the space to get the dimensions of the sofa you are looking for.
Bring your measurements and get to looking and choosing your ideal sofa!

The Three D’s: Design, Décor, Diligence

Typically, when we are looking to add a new piece of furniture to our home décor, the perfect piece will jump out at us, but that doesn’t always mean that it is a good fit for the specific room you are renovating. But when considering adding a new piece, remember to consider your current home décor design.
A lot of sofas can be found in a myriad of different colors, designs, and functionality to fit your ideal use. But you must go into your search with a basic idea of what you are hoping to find, and what will actually flow and make sense with the room that you are adding to.

When investigating sofas at the furniture store or even online, going in with a plan is often better than not. Have your measurements in hand and have a basic idea of what color scheme and design you are hoping to find. Doing this will go a long way in cutting back on the wasted time of searching without purpose.
Typically sticking with cool, neutral tones in the best bet. These look great with almost any interior design motif that you might already have in place, and they’re easy to add bright color accents to if you so choose.

Whether you want a full corner sofa or a chaise lounge sofa, knowing or at least having a feel for the type of design you want for your home will also help you see how the piece will fit into your home.
Being able to look at your space objectively to evaluate what type of sofa you want and can make flow of in your room will go a long way in helping to narrow down your sofa search.
Extra Credit: There are quite a few U-Shaped corner sofas that are beautiful that add that extra something to the room, if you have the space for it.

Finally, diligence in shopping for you new addition. Corner sofas are becoming more and more popular. They look great in the room, but they do take up more space. So, when deciding on what type of sofa you want to add to your home, make sure you have carefully considered all the options including using two regular sofas with a footstool or just one sofa with a nice footstool for your layout.
Going in with a plan is always best, but if you’re just perusing, going in with a relatively open mind, considering the options and what could potentially fit in your home to see what style you like, will be a great way to get your feet wet.

Happiness Goes a Long Way and Time

Making the right choice for you and your home concerning space utilization for the furniture piece will be one of the most important parts of finding your perfect piece.
So, make sure that the theme makes sense for you and your home. And if you intend to use the sofa, it must be comfortable for you!!!!! Check out our ‘Comfort guide’ if you are unsure what type of interiors to get with your sofas.